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Preferred Chiropractic Doctors Mission Trips

Dr. Rodney Nagel went to China as a Representative for Life Chiropractic Foundation of Asia. He helped develop a Chiropractic clinic in a hospital in Zigong, Schechwan Province. He met with government and hospital officials to establish laws and regulations for the Chiropractic profession. He also donated chiropractic care to thousands of Chinese citizens.

Dr. Rodney Nagel is the recipient of the World Children’s relief “Doctor of the Year” award for the 4th year in a row. World Children’s relief is a Phoenix based charity organization that helps build healthcare educational facilities in third world countries. Dr. Nagel was honored in recognition of his efforts to get HealthCare and Education to the poorest nations of the world where it is either unaffordable or unavailable.

Dr. Rodney V. Nagel in Africa

Dr. Michael Dense in Haiti

Dr. Jennifer Horton in India